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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Funny Sloths Photos

The above photo is funny considering sloths are known for being extremely slooooow creatures. So, the joke goes, "How long did it take the sloth to cross the road?"

What's far funnier is this serious video about potty training orphan sloths. Did you know that sloths only come down from their treehouses once a week to go to their version of the bathroom? The base of the tree seems to be their place of choice.

Believe it or not, these kind folks at this sloth refuge, The Aviarios del Caribe sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, are working to teach orphan sloths the basics of just how to go about being a sloth. The refuge folks want to release these sloths back into the wild but can't until the little animals learn their potty training.

Check out how filmmaker Lucy Cooke documented the life at this sloth orphanage - and everything you need to know about how to potty train your baby sloth like the expression they get on their face before or after doing their "business." You can follow Cooke on Twitter: amphib_avenger. She has plenty more cute baby sloth photos and video for you to enjoy. Visit her blog too: The Amphibian Avenger.

Oh, and the "Sloth Federation" (probably headed up by Stephen Colbert or other irreverent folk) asks us to quit with the "You are so lazy you are slothful" jokes. Sloths need respect too.

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